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Vertigo is proud to share an HTML5 game written in coordination with Google IO 2012. As HTML5 continues to grow in power in the browser and as a platform for UI development Vertigo continues to dig deeper into the modern web stack. We were lucky enough to do that digging with one of the leaders in the modern web space, Google. Google came to Vertigo with the challenge of creating an in-browser game unlike most on the planet. The requirements:

  • Javascript + HTML5 Canvas + 3d CSS only (No WebGL/ No Native Code)
  • Best-Practices code optimized for the V8 Javascript Engine
  • Can’t use any existing JS-based Game Architecture
  • Must Target all devices
  • Should be a reference application for the future HTML5 Web developers

More importantly, Google wanted to hold a series of experiments to answer one question: Can HTML5 offer a robust enough feature-set to deliver a rich gaming experiences across all devices impartially? Thanks to great UX leadership, we created a ‘Carnival’ Themed Shooting-Gallery-style game that correlated with the Google IO Conference theme of PLAY. The Game exercises a wide range of HTML5 features:

  • Touch-based Canvas Drawing API
  • 3d CSS Transforms
  • Offline Persistence API: LocalStorage, WebSQL, IndexedDb
  • Rich Interactivity Events: Swipe, Tap, Tilt, Click
  • Canvas Rendering API
  • RequestAnimationFrame Event Delegation

The Game was also developed as a fully extensible Gaming Architecture. To prove the extensibility, we shipped with two themes: Pirates and Ghosts.

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Vertigo: Draw-N-Shoot Mobile Chrome Experiment
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